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Brooklyn College joins several other CUNY colleges in the implementation of CUNYfirst, a Web-based system that will connect the entire university and streamline a wide range of services for students, faculty and staff.
After April 7, students should be able to search for courses and register directly in CUNYfirst.
Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 schedules of classes are not available in this online course search system. You can download the Summer 2013 schedule of classes in PDF format.

Note: The Course Search System provides scheduling information only. It does not assess whether students are eligible or have permission to take these courses.

Starting with registration for the fall 2010 term, the college has been transitioning to a new course numbering system in preparation for the migration to the CUNYfirst platform. Learn more...

Use this "Advanced Search" to find courses by credits, specific days/times and instructors.
Use a "Simple Search" to find courses by number, discipline, name or keyword(s).
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Search Instructions

Be sure to select the correct semester and division, everything else is optional and explained below:

  • You may select the department or the discipline code for the courses you are interested in.
  • If you already know the course number, you can fill in that entry.
  • You can also enter the number of credits and/or the amount of hours offered for the courses (first select "greater than", "less than" or "equal to").
  • You can select only open sections to be displayed, so that closed sections or cancelled courses will not be shown.
  • By choosing course days you will restrict the search to those courses that meet on at least ALL the days you select. For example, if you choose "Mon" then classes that meet on Mondays are displayed, including those that meet on Monday and Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday etc. If you select "Mon", "Wed" and "Fri", those courses that meet on at least those 3 days will be shown, so each course must meet on at least Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • You can select the time for the courses by choosing "before", "after" or "around" a certain time. "Around" means it will be plus or minus 30 minutes. For example, if you select "around" 2:00pm that will mean between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.
  • You can select the name of a Professor. You do not have to enter the full name, you may enter the first few characters of the Professor's name. Please be aware that instructor names are often unavailable until early in the semester because schedules are not firm until that time.

    To Build and View Your Planned Schedule Online
  1. After setting your search criteria, click "SEARCH FOR COURSES"
  2. Select a class by clicking "ADD" in the column on the far right marked "BUILD MY SCHEDULE"
  3. Your schedule will appear automatically. The classes you select will be displayed two ways:
         a. As a straightforward list; and
         b. In a table form, showing you exactly when each class takes place.
  4. As you select more classes, your schedule will automatically add and display your new selections.
  5. When you are done building your schedule, you can view it at any time by clicking "VIEW MY SCHEDULE."


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