New Course Numbers

Starting with registration for the fall 2010 term, the college has been transitioning to a new course numbering system in preparation for the migration to the CUNYfirst platform.

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Why New Numbers?
The current course numbering system and discipline code abbreviations have been in use for about 30 years but are not compatible with the CUNYfirst course catalog that Brooklyn College will move to over the next few years. Although they were originally designed to give an indication of where each course fits within a department's program, that meaning is no longer clear for many courses.
Over the past year the college has worked hard to create a new course numbering system that is not only CUNYfirst compatible, but also easier to understand. The numbering system was adopted by all departments and all have assigned new numbers to all of their courses. The new course numbers, which are all four digits with no decimal points, have been designed to be somewhat self-documenting. An explanation of the general numbering scheme is listed below.

When Will the New Numbers Take Effect?
Both old and new course numbers are being referenced in the systems and documents starting from fall 2009 term. There is a transition period of at least one year, during which both old and new numbers will be referenced. By fall 2010, you will have to refer to courses by their new numbers when you register. As Brooklyn College adopts CUNYfirst, references to the old numbers will be dropped—except on transcripts and in notes that discuss courses from before the numbering changed.

What About Courses I Already Took Under the Old System?
Those courses are not affected and will show on your transcript with their old numbers. Systems such as Degree Progress and CUNY TIPPS that evaluate whether you've met prerequisites and program requirements are being adapted to count both the old and new course numbers.

What Else Besides the Numbers Will Be Changing?
Some of the discipline codes prefixes are changing to become more readable. Nothing else about the courses is changing due to this process—same names, same descriptions, same requirements.

Where Will I See the New Numbers?
Over the next few months, you will see them in many places. The print and online PDF versions of the spring 2010 Schedule of Classes show each course's new number at the right end of the course entry line. The online course search system, course information listings and departmental course listings will show the old and new numbers. A new tool has been published to allow you to display or print a chart of old and new numbers by department. In the near future a lookup tool will allow you to enter an old number and get the new number, or vice-versa. Degree progress reporting is being modified to include the old and new numbers in its calculations and displays.

The Structure of the New Numbering System
Although the system will be described in more detail in future course catalogs, the scheme is generally as follows:
The first digit of the course numbering system identifies the level at which the course is offered as follows:
1xxx - All general education courses except Upper Tier Core (the basic skills, Lower Tier Core, etc.) and introductory courses as specified by the department.
2xxx - Courses for nonmajors and "advanced" introductory courses as specified by the department. (Not generally used unless the discipline requires a highly structured series of pre- and co-requisites).
3xxx - Upper Tier Core courses and courses in the discipline (stratified by subject areas utilizing second, third and fourth digits as appropriate to the discipline e. g., 3000 for general courses; 3100 for history; 3200 for literature, etc.).
4xxx - Advanced, specialized courses, seminars and research courses.
5xxx - Independent study and honors courses.
6xxx - Graduate program prerequisites and ESL courses for foreign graduate students.
7xxx - Master's level Courses at all levels including research. The "U" designation currently used as a prefix will be incorporated as a suffix for master's level courses that may be taken as part of a CUNY doctoral program.
9xxx - Doctoral level Courses.