Inventory of Undergraduate Courses

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CORC 1230 and CORC 1312 do not fulfill Pathways requirements but may be used by all students to satisfy specific prerequisite requirements and/or program requirements within a specific major or minor.

Students who wish to complete the Core Curriculum requirements stated in prior bulletins should note that the following CORC courses will be offered only as their Pathways equivalents starting with fall 2013:
CORC 1110 Classical Cultures = CLAS 1110 Classical Cultures
CORC 1120 Introduction to Art = ARTD 1010 Art: Its History and Meaning
CORC 1130 Music: Its Language, History, and Culture = MUSC 1300 Music: Its Language, History, and Culture
CORC 1210 Knowledge, Reality and Values = PHIL 2101 Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy
CORC 1220 Shaping of the Modern World = HIST 3005 The Shaping of the Modern World
CORC 1311 Thinking Mathematically = MATH 1311 Thinking Mathematically
CORC 1321 Biology for Today's World = BIOL 1010 Biology: The Study of Life
CORC 1322 Science in Modern Life - Chemistry = CHEM 1007 Chemistry in Modern Life
CORC 1331 Physics: The Simple Laws that Govern the Universe = PHYS 1331 The Simple Laws that Govern the Universe
CORC 1332 Geology: The Science of Our World = EESC 1010 The Dynamic Earth

CORC 3XXX Pathways College Option courses - See "Brooklyn College Pathways Requirements - College Option" section in this bulletin. Students following pre-Pathways general education requirements taking CORC 3XXX courses must satisfy pre-fall 2013 prerequisites: junior standing and satisfaction of the requirements of any three CORC 1XXX courses or their above equivalents.

In 2010, the college transitioned to a new course numbering system in preparation for the migration to the CUNYfirst platform. Old course numbers - if available - are provided in the parenthesis after the "/" symbol.