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MLAN 2150 Intercultural Literacy and Competence

3 hours; 3 credits
Focusing on one of the linguistic-cultural regions corresponding to a language taught by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, this course combines analytical and experiential approaches to lead students to a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, linguistic and cultural differences. Students acquire tools for analyzing and navigating language differences, behavioral norms, and social values within and across the borders between countries or language communities. They cultivate awareness of regional differences, the role of media and other institutions in reifying national traits, and the challenges to existing identities. This course fosters proficiency in interaction with individuals from other cultures, with the goal of helping students prepare for study or work abroad, and/or internships, professional activity, or community service involving the corresponding immigrant community in NYC. Starting Fall 2019 qualifies as an Inter-Cultural Competency (ICC) course for Pathways College Option purposes.
Prerequisite: English 1010 or permission of the chairperson.