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MATH *1201 Calculus I

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as MATH 3.3)

4 hours; 4 credits
Mathematics 1201, 1206 and 2201 constitute a three-term sequence. Mathematics 1201 is an introduction to calculus: limits and continuity; derivatives and integrals of algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions of one variable; methods of numerical approximation, and applications of the derivative to mathematics, physics, engineering, biology, chemistry, and other fields. STEM variant course - Satisfies Pathways Required Core Math and Quantitative Reasoning requirement.
Prerequisite: All students entering into Mathematics 1201 must have met one of the following conditions: earned a grade of C- or higher in Mathematics 1011, 1012 or 1026; achieved minimum scores on the COMPASS test of s1 = 70, s2 = 70, s3 = 70, and s5 = 70; achieved a minimum score of 105 on the ACCUPLACER College-Level Math test; or obtained departmental permission.