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ENGL *1012 English Composition II: Seminar in Expository Writing

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as ENG 2)

3 hours and conference; 3 credits
Writing-intensive seminar focusing on a topic chosen by the instructor. Provides students with an opportunity to explore a particular subject in depth and further develop skills of critical thinking, research techniques, and clear expression necessary for academic writing. Students should take English *1012 [2] directly after completing English 1010 [1]. Topics include: The Fool in Literature; Reading the City; 1960s: Decade of Revolt; Novels of the Jazz Age; Cross-Cultural Writing and the Arts. Satisfies Pathways Required Core English composition requirement.
Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in English 1010 [1] or placement in the course on the basis of transfer evaluation.