EESC 1060 Exploring Issues in Sustainable Water Resources Management

3 credits; 3 hours

An overview of water resources management from different perspectives, water use and development in early civilizations, physical and chemical characteristics of water, the hydrologic cycle, surface water hydrology (rivers, lakes, flood events), groundwater hydrology, municipal water systems, dams (basics, impacts, hydropower potential, landscape modification), water allocation and regulation laws, Federal, regional and state water agencies, water components and quality standards, water pollution (inorganic, organic, microorganisms), drinking water and wastewater treatment, water wars, constraints on global water supplies, sustainability of global water supplies. (Not open to students who have completed Core Curriculum 3316.) 2017-2018 and 2018-2019: Satisfies Pathways College Option requirement. Starting Fall 2021 Satisfies Pathways Flexible Core Scientific World requirement.

Prerequisite: Junior standing.


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