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ECAE 2004 Early Childhood Education Foundations

2 hours lecture, 2 hours supervised field experience; 3 credits
An overview of the social, historical and philosophical foundations of early childhood education (ECE), including early childhood special education and bilingual education. Emphasis on young children (birth to 8 years of age) and families from racially, ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically diverse backgrounds, including recent immigrants. Implementing high quality early childhood education, including developmentally appropriate practices; importance of parent involvement and social justice. Changing views in ECE curriculum and pedagogy. Integrated co-teaching and collaboration with peers, families and communities. The role of play, creativity and aesthetic education, in early learning. The role of reflective practice. Current issues in ECE. Includes 30 hours of required supervised fieldwork in early childhood and early childhood special education settings. Starting Fall 2019 satisfies Pathways Flexible Core Individual and Society requirement.
Corequisite: Early Childhood and Art Education 2003 or permission of the chairperson.