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CLAS 3212 Summer Archaeological Field School (Intensive Program)

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as CLAS 29)

3 hours lecture, 6 hours supervised fieldwork; 6 credits
Intensive instruction in field methods and techniques of archaeology through participation in every aspect of an excavation; training in archaeological mapping, excavation techniques, and methods of archaeological laboratory analysis. This course is the same as Anthropology 3470. (Not open to students who have previously received credit for archaeological fieldwork.) STEM variant course - Satisfies Pathways Required Core Life and Physical Sciences.
Prerequisite: permission of the chairperson and one of the following: Classics 3210 [26], Anthropology 2400 or 2401 [2.2], Core Studies 1 or Core Curriculum 1110 [1.1], [2.1], [9] or Classics 1110, Judaic Studies 3012 [12], a course in archaeological theory and methodology.