ENGL 3286 Twenty-First-Century Innovative U.S. Poetries

4 hours; 4 credits

This course explores how contemporary innovative American poets are developing new formal strategies to respond to the pressing questions of the twenty-first century. Areas of inquiry may include: How are poets writing in the ?the wake? (Christina Sharpe) of slavery and its afterlives? How are poets engaging accelerating ecological crises? How are contemporary poets expanding on, or breaking with, twentieth-century avantgarde movements? How have new media and ?social media? affected contemporary poetry? Writers may include: Claudia Rankine; Layli Long Soldier; Juliana Spahr; Fred Moten; Erica Hunt; Mei-mei Berssenbrugge; Tongo Eisen Martin; Mark McMorris; Bhanu Kapil; Jonah Mixon-Webster; Rosa Alcalá; John Keene; Fady Joudah.

Prerequisite: ENGL 1010; or corequisite ENGL. 1012.


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