SEED 7314X Physical and Life Science Instruction and Learning I, Middle Childhood and Adolescence

45 hours seminar plus conference; 3 credits

Introductory content and methods course and differentiated instruction in physical and life sciences. Provides new and practicing teachers the opportunity to examine, discuss, create and revise the knowledge they need to become successful science teachers. Common themes in physical and life sciences and design curricula that enhance students' science investigative skills and critical thinking using principles of constructivism to guide the design and implementation process, and teaching practices. Addressed are creative writing and literacy, methods of inquiry, national, NYS and NYC Science Standards, science laboratory safety and skills, the scientific method, use of technology and web resources, science literacy, forms of assessment, scientific misconceptions, science in the community, and the teaching and learning of science in multicultural and diverse classrooms. Field experience (25 hours) required. Not open to all students who have taken EDUC 7314X.


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