HIST 7530X Modern Ottoman History, 1700-1923

(Prior to Fall 2010, this course was known as HIST 752.
The information below might still reflect the old course numbers. Bracketed numbers, if any, are the old course numbers. Learn more...)

30 hours plus conference; 3 credits

Historiography and historical background; Ottomans and their wider world; statecraft and autocracy; trade and economic life; society and popular culture; women in the empire; peasants and townspeople; minority relations; encroaching Europe and reform; Egypt and Muhammad Ali; the Young Ottomans; centrality of the Balkans and consequences of their loss; debates over "decline"; debt crisis; Young Turks and centralization; pan-Islam; emergence of Arab nationalism; Ottomans and Zionists; war and collapse; imperial legacies.


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