ECON 3254 Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development

3 hours; 3 credits

The closely intertwined relationship between the human economy and ecological systems. A broad survey of the foundations, key concepts, and methods of ecological economics and sustainable development. We will examine the role of environmental regulation, corporate and private operations, and private-public partnerships in responding to environmental threats and opportunities. We will discuss how businesses and governments can develop sustainable practices. We will address the following fundamental questions: 1, Is it possible to place a monetary value on nature (or the services that nature provides)? 2, Is it possible to substitute man-made capital for natural capital? I.e., as we degrade the natural environment and exhaust natural resources and produced capital goods compensate for these losses? 3, How can we measure the scale of human activities, their impact on ecosystem state, and determine what level is ultimately sustainable?

Prerequisite: Economics 2200 or Business 2200 and either Economics 3400 or Business 3400.


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