Summer Research Program Information
Institution: University of Florida
Division: The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience
Program: Research Experience for Undergraduate program (REU)
Academic Area(s): Earth, Environmental & Agriculture Sciences (Aquatic & Fisheries Sciences, Marine Sciences & Oceanography), Medical & Life Sciences (Genetics & Genomics, Molecular Biology), Biomechanics and Neurobiology of Fish Locomotion; Development and Molecular Biology of Disease Vector Arthropods; Experimental Embryology and Evo-Devo; Genomics, Memory and Neuronal Evolution; Development and Evolution of Marine Invertebrates; Coastal and Marine Ecology; Evolutionary genomics comb jellies and sea anemones; Marine Regenerative Biology;
Academic Eligibility: undergraduate
Underrepresented Groups: Underrepresented In Science Encouraged, Women Encouraged
US Citizen: Yes
Permanent Resident: Yes
Deadline: Mid-Feb
GPA Minimum:
Duration: 11 weeks
Stipend: Yes
Travel: Yes
Housing: Yes
Contact Name: Brenda Cannaliato
Contact Title: Education Coordinator
Phone #: (904) 461-4014
City: St. Augustine
State: Florida
ZIP: 32080