Summer Research Program Information
Institution: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division: Research Institute and Center for Injury Research and Prevention
Program: Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site
Academic Area(s): Engineering & Physical Sciences (General Engineering & Physical Sciences), Mathematics & Computational Sciences (Statistics), Social Sciences (Education, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences), Fields of engineering, behavioral science, education, population science and statistics as related to pediatric injury science (e.g., the prevention of childhood injury, secondary prevention of traumatic stress following pediatric injury).
Academic Eligibility: interest in PhD and/or MD/PhD, undergraduate, sophomores, juniors, non-graduating seniors, contact program
Underrepresented Groups:
US Citizen: Yes
Permanent Resident: Yes
Deadline: End-Jan
GPA Minimum: 3.0
Duration: 10 weeks
Stipend: Yes
Travel: Yes
Housing: Yes
Other benefits: Some housing scholarships may be available. An additional award will be set aside for a research competition.
Contact Name: Carol Murray
Contact Title: REU Site Project Coordinator
Phone #: 267-426-1235
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania